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Beaches of Rhodes


The sun and the sea have chosen the mythical island of Rhodes to make it one of the most famous resorts of the Mediterranean sea. Crystal clean turquoise and deep blue windy waters, sandy and pebble beaches, crowded organized bays and isolated and tranquil ones, all of which become even more beautiful under the hot Greek sun, are one more reason that makes the Rhodes island a unique destination.
Here you can find information and photos about 24 beaches of Rhodes – but if you have an adventure spirit you can discover all the others and turn your stay into an unforgettable experience!
We have categorized the beaches according to their location on the island

On the Northern side of Rhodes

Rhodes town beach
Elli beach
On the Southern side of Rhodes

Eastern side Rhodes

Agios Pavlos or St. Paul
Antony Quinn
Western side of Rhodes

Agios Georgios or St. George

City of Rhodes Beach
A riot of Color

One of the most photographed beached in Greece, it still retains something of the cosmopolitan character of the 1970's. It defies one's powers of imagination to conceive what this beach must have seen in all the years since the English writer Lawrence Durell described it as the finest beach in all the Mediterranean. Hundreds of visitors descend on the beach every day, as well as local people enjoying their midday break.The best spot of the beach is definitely the area in front of Hotel Mediterranean.

0km from Rhodes town

Elli beach
The urban beach

Considered as part of the beach of Rhodes town, the length of Elli beach is 400m and its width 35m. As the rest of the Rhodes town beach is covered with sand and pebbles and you will also find few tamarix trees there. A beach volleyball ground, lots of kiosks and a platform for diving from make it even more popular, Moreover there are facilities for disabled people (ramps, WC). Elli beach is awarded with blue flag
0km from Rhodes town

Surfers and Hotels

The beach is narrow and has a mixture of sand and pebbles. Basically this is a series of adjacent beaches rather than one single beach, most of the organized and operated by the seafront Ixia hotels. Some sections are private and others open to the public. It is a favorite spot for surfers with two water sport centres renting boards and jet skis. Along the esplanade behind the beach there are supermarkets, kiosks, bakeries, restaurants and patisseries.


Kolympia, a quiet and family-friendly seaside resort between the city of Rhodes and Lindos, is going through a period of development lately, as new, luxury resort hotels spring up every year. Kolympia is very green thanks to the nearby seven springs (epta piges), and its location midway between Rhodes and Lindos is ideal for those who wasn't to enjoy these two cosmopolitan centres. The entrance to Kolympia is impressive, as you come in along the lush green Eucalyptus Road, with the branches of the eucalyptus trees almost sweeping around. After the Eucalyptus Road comes London Road, Amsterdam Road and Stockholm Road … in fact so not be surprised that almost all streets around are named after European capitals. This is a resort for those seeking peace and relaxation, mainly couples and families. The best hotels are along the pebble beach and most of them have been recently renovated
25km from Rhodes town

Hotel beach

Along the shores lies ans organized beach, with the gardens and swimming pools just behind and at the rear the multi-storey hotel with its facilities. An exposed beach, with sand and pebbles, where the water becomes rapidly deep. An ideal place for those who love swimming and for surfers – there is often a good wind. There are kiosks, restaurants, cafes etc just a few meters away from the Ialysos beach
8km from Rhodes town

The chic beach

This is the beach of the island of Rhodes where the elite society of the island gather every day. The attraction is partly the small distance from Rhodes town, partly the glamour of the Baths built there by the Italians (which no longer function), not to mention the obvious delights of mezedes at Tasos' and the tiny inlets and coves with their sculptured rocks and clear green water. Palm and pine trees surround the magnificent scenery of Kalithea – Kallithea beach is awarded with blue flag
10.5 km from Rhodes town

The cosmopolitan beach

There are many of Rhodes' visitors that have combined the island with the Faliraki beach, for others it is the island's premier resort . It is for sure a beach worth visiting: it is a 5km sandy organized beach, where you can find everything. Fast food joints, bars, taverns, restaurants, water sport activities and a new water park.
The water park provides to all of those wishing to have some extra fun water slides, lazy river, black hole, 5 bars, rafting slide, giant slide 140 meters long, aqua gyp and 25 lifeguards. With the entrance fee visitors can use all the facilities.
Faliraki beach is the place o see and be seen….but at the extreme southern end becomes uncrowded and popular with nude bathers.
Note that boats leave for Faliraki every day from Madraki in Rhodes town. Also apart from buses, there is also the municipal train , which does a tour of the town.
Faliraki beach is awarded with blue flag
14km from Rhodes town

Antony Quinn
For cinema lovers…

This is a beach named after the famous Hollywood actor Antony Quinn, who has fallen in love with this beach during filming the Guns of Navarone and has bought a estate nearby
The crystal-clean waters of Antony Quinn beach have a lovely green color which makes this beach unique.
It is usually preferred by young visitors (mainly from Italy) since the pointing rocks of the beach can be dangerous for children or elder people. People tend to visit this beach during July and August because the rest of the year the waters are too cold
There are some umbrellas and sun beds and on this beach and also a canteen
Antony Quinn beach is awarded with blue flag
15km from Rhodes town.

Small is beautiful

Just a tiny cove – but with everything you could possibly want! Fine sand, small rocks, sun beds, umbrellas, tree-clad hills all around, emerald water, showers and a taverna. Very popular with Italians, especially during August when it becomes very crowded.
Ladiko beach is awarded with blue flag
15km from Rhodes town

The beach for everyone

Families with portable refrigerators full with homemade food and refreshments, couples with their tents on the beach, British tourists with the hot dog in the one hand and he beer in the other youngsters who play with the jet skis they have rent, locals, who enjoy some fresh fish at Avadis tavern…. there is enough space for everyone in Afadou beach!Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun.
The sand is mixed with small pebbles and the water is amazing! There are few canteens, taverns and water and beach sports amenities in Afadou beach.
You can also visit the golf court located in Afadou village (just few minutes walking distance)
18.5 km from Rhodes town

A peaceful resort

Located 25km from island capital the village of Kolymbia has one of the most beautiful beaches. It is not as crowded as the nearby Faliraki beach, organized with blue and red umbrellas and sea bikes which everyone can rent.
Many families from Germany prefer this beach during their stay in Rhodes. Like neighbouring Faliraki, this is a hotel resort, but much more peaceful.
We highly recommend you o have your lunch at one of the taverns….the fish is fresh!

The golden beach

Tsabika beach owns its name to a “miraculous” monastery located nearby. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Visitors of all ages and nationalities that visit Tsabika beach for its turquoise waters and the golden sand of the beach.
Water sports are also available as long as a mini market next to the bus stop
For those wishing to see a different part of the Rhodes life, the 18th September is the festival day Moni Tsabikas, when people climb up to the monastery on their knees and pray to conceive.
27km from Rhodes town

The village beach

One the right – peace and quiet and a family atmosphere; on the left – a private beach for guests of the beach hotel Just half a kilometer along the road from Archangelos, the beach is the ideal bathing place for the local villagers, These make up most of the bathers on the beach, along with the visitors staying a t the hotel. An ideal location for those seeking relaxation. Sand and pebbles, a kiosk, water sports, a few tavernas
29 km from Rhodes town

The place to swim, play and eat

In case you find yourself 36km away from Rhodes town, there is nothing better for you to do, but visit Agathi beach. You will reach this beach by following the sings after Haraki (10km dirt road distance). On the way to Agathi beach you will find he medieval castle of Feraklos, which is worth visiting.
Agathi beach is famous for its sand and its three canteens. After swimming in its emerald waters and playing with your rackets on the sand, you should have something to eat at one of the canteens. They are offering fright eggs, English breakfast, souvlaki, French fries, burgers, sandwiches, salads, refreshments and play loud the latest Greek hit songs.
WC, showers and card telephone are available for the visitors of Agathi beach
36km away from Rhodes town

Pebbles on the right & sand on the left

In a 36km distance from the island's capital you will find the beach that has pebbles on its right side and sand on its left. If you want you can bring along your umbrella and a small portable sun bed, since the Charaki beach has only few sun beds and umbrellas rentals.
When you reach Caraki you will realize that there is a family atmosphere; kids searching for shells on the beach and mothers running after them…
From the right side you can enjoy the beautiful view on the castle of Feraklos.
You can find taverns, supermarkets and even an Italian restaurant with homemade pasta and pizza at Charaki town

The immense beach

Kalathos is a 4km beach waiting for you to explore it. Even during high season you will be able to find in Kalathos beach a place where you can be alone. As you can understand Kalathos is a low profile beach, which is worth visiting due to its natural beauty.
It is partly organized with bamboo umbrellas and wooden sun beds. It is covered with golden sand and pebbles. You can also find canteens, taverns and supermarkets near the beach or at the village which has the same name.
45km away from Rhodes town

Pebbles on the right & sand on the left

In a 36km distance from the island's capital you will find the beach that has pebbles on its right side and sand on its left. If you want you can bring along your umbrella and a small portable sun bed, since the Charaki beach has only few sun beds and umbrellas rentals.
When you reach Caraki you will realize that there is a family atmosphere; kids searching for shells on the beach and mothers running after them…
From the right side you can enjoy the beautiful view on the castle of Feraklos.
You can find taverns, supermarkets and even an Italian restaurant with homemade pasta and pizza at Charaki town

Family beach

Vlicha is a beach located near the town of Lindos, which mainly attracts families of local and tourists. The beach is very big and sandy and the waters are crystalline and clean. Near that beach you many hotels are built. If you are searching for a place to be alone, then you should choose the part on the extreme right of Vlicha beach.
Two canteens with tasty sandwiches, crepes and espresso can e found on that beach.
Vlycha beach is awarded with blue flag
47km from Rhodes town

Lindos beach
The tourist beach

Sun beds everywhere, umbreallas, tavernas, crowds of peaoples – from groups brought by coach from other parts of the island of Rhodes to Brtis who settle in Lindos village each year for the whole summer. Old timers reminisce about the little blue flowers that used to grow in the sand, and about the celebrity yachts which once anchored here in the beach's heyday. Now the scenery has changed a lot…vivid crowds and parties have become characteristic of that beach. If you dislike that, make for Pallas, the adjacent beach, which is relatively quiter. The water is shallow and ideal for young children.
50km from Rhodes town

Agios Pavlos or St. Paul Beach
The tiny bay

Agios Pavlos Beach consists out of two sandy bays. For those preferring canteens, taverns sun beds and umbrellas this is the right bay. The Agios Pavlos Beach located on the left side is for those seeking for tranquility and loneliness.
Many locals citizens of Lindos town (which is very close) visit this beach, but it also attracts foreign tourists.
According to a local legend this beach owns its name to the fact that at 43 AC St. Paul came to this place to preach Christianity. A nice chapel dedicated to Saint Paul is built in this area.
50km from Rhodes town

Peace and quit, and pedalos

Lush greenery, sand and sea. The harmony of green and lkue is only interrupted by the lazy motion of the red and yellow pedalos on the water. Glystra is a beautiful little beach with fine sand, popular with those who want their umbrella, and some peach – mainly foreigners. Shop for sandwiches and water at the little nearby restaunrant, hire a sun bed and watch the canoes and pedalos go by
Glystra beach is awarded with blue flag
55km from Rhodes town

A cosy resort

The pines stand tall above the buildings, as you look back towards the shore from asny of the chain of sandy coves. Apart from summer homes belonging to the people from Lindos, this relatively low profile resort area is made up for small hotels. The main streets back from the shore have everything: mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars
56km from Rhodes town

Beach resort

Kiotari is the most recent and the most styliSh of summer resorts of Rhodes. Evrything you need – shops, bakeries and ATMS – is located together in a mall on the road. The resort boasts one of the best water sports centres on Rhodes – Kiotari Watersportcentre – When you've worked up an appetite , seek out the shafy Mourela restaurant Among the latest arrivals in 2004, note the luxury resort Lindian Village on the way to Kiotari
60km from Rhodes town

An up-and-coming location

Gennadi is a beach located in the south of Rhodes and consists manly of pebbles. Its length is about 1km and has a 60m width. You can enjoy banana, ring tubes water ski and other sea sports at this beach. It is an ideal beach to catch the sunrise.
Taverns are available in case you get hungry and there are also handicap facilities
Gennadi beach is awarded with blue flag 60 km from Rhodes town

Aghios Gergios
The fragrance of cedar

Moist, spotless san and cedars, for you and your loved one. The beach has various names: some call it Aghios Georgios, after the little church you pass in the middle of nowhere as you travel along the seemingly endless road; other call it Aghios Pavlos, after another church of the area. Whatever the name, one thing is for sure: this is a marvelous place for those with a jeep and an appetite for solitude with their partner. To find the dirt track that leads down to the beach, look out for the abandoned Italian monastery with the clock tower, on the road from Gennadi to Kattavia. Just before you get to the monastery, turn left down the dirt track through the cypress trees, also planted by the Italians.
After 7-8 km you will find the church of Aghios Gergios. Find on your right a little cove and on your left a big sandy beach, both waiting for you to dive into their crystal clean waters
88km from Rhodes town

Unspoiled beauty

Your mobile phone does not work here, the large pebbles are covered in the seaweed thrown up by the constant winds, the rocks make it hard to get down in to the green water – but this does not deter the few hardy souls- most of them foreigners- with a taste of exploration. This is one of the least known beach of Rhodes The many pine trees give the water give the water its green color, but the constant winds stir up the water and make it less clear
72km from Rhodes town

For the chosen few

No restaurants and no umbrellas, just a pebble beach and splashing among the waves. A small and peaceful11 beach below Monolithos, ideal for those who enjoy the wild beauty of nature. If you do not have your own umbrella with you, then try to get early to secure a place in the shade of the rocks on the right-jand side of the beach. There are a few pine trees, rocks to swim from, and waves lots of waves.
78km from Rhodes town

Everybody is surfing!

42km from the town of Lindos and 92 from Rhodes town you can find the Prassonisi.
Prassonisi ( Green Island) is accessible either by a narrow sandy isthmus with calm water on one side and rough sea on the other or by swimming (this depends on the season & water level). It becomes during July and August, when the so called “meltemia”( north winds) are blowing, a paradise for those loving windsurfing.
The scenery is idyllic, the beaches sandy and you can also drink some ouzo and eat fresh fish at Helias Tavern, which s also preferred by the locals
A way for the visitors seeking for adventure to go to Prasonisi is the dirt road north to Messanagros winds through terrific scenery.