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History of Rhodes

Prehistoric Period

• 5000 BC Neolithic settlements on the island
• 1700 BC Settlement of Minoans
• 1500 BC Mycenaean domination of Rhodes

Ancient Times

• 7th cent. BC Rhodes joins the Doric Hexapolis
• 6th cent. BC The 3 cities of Rhodes mint their own coins
• 491 BC Siege of Lindos by Datis, the general of the Persian Kind Darius
• 478 BC The Rhodians join the Athenian League
• 408 BC Foundation of the city of Rhodes
• 305-4 BC Siege of the Rhodes by Denetrius Poliorketes
• 226 BC The Colossus of Rhodes is demolished by an earthquake
• 42 BC Rhodes is plundered by the Roman General Cassius
• 297 AD The island of Rhiodes becomes part of the Island province of the Roman Empire

Byzantine Period

• 654 AD Occupation by the Arab Moawiyah
• 11th cent. Byzantium concedes commercial privileges to the Venetians
• 1204-40 The island is ruled by Gavalas family from Byzantium
• 1261 Te Byzantines concede the island as a fiefdom to various Genoen nobles

Crusader Period

• 1306 The Genoans concede Rhodes, Kos and Leros to the Order of the Knights of St John
• 1309-1522 Rhodes is ruled by the Order of Knights
• 1480 First siege of the city of Rhodes by Ottomans
• 1481 Catastrophic earthquake
• 1498 An epidemic of deadly plague strikes the city of Rhodes
• 1522 Siege and capture of Rhodes by Suleiman II, the Magnificent

Modern Times

• 1522-1912 Rhodes is part of the Ottoman Empire
• 1912-1945 Period of Italian rule of the island
• 1945-1947 Rhodes under British administration
• 1947 Union of Rhodes with Greece