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Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town

The medieval city of Rhodes lies squeezed within its walls like a stone crescent. It is almost entirely encircled by the modern town, except to the east where is lapped by the sea, and where the harbors of Emborio and Madraki look towards Turkey. Arriving by boat you have a superb view of the noble city within ochre- colored walls bristling with crenellations, towers, turrets and the odd tip of a minaret.
Within the ramparts, the maze of paved alleyways, arches and narrow passageways takes you right back to the Middle Ages.

To the north, dominating the Hora or Old Town, is the residential quarter of the knights, the Collachium, the site chosen by the Grand Masters of Order to build their powerful palace-fortress. Outside this stronghold, losing yourself in the colorful alleys of Rhodes town, here and there you will come across a lovely marble fountain or hidden behind some ageless doorway, a little patio bathed in the scent og jasmine and bougainvillaea.
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