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Kalithea Thermi

The Italians have used with the best way the water sources of the island of Rhodes and even today's visitor is impressed by the architecture and the beauty of these monuments.

Kalithea Thermi
10km from the city of Rhodes visitors can find the derelict Italian built spa. Within the complex there are crumbling colonnades doomed ceilings and mosaic floors. Unfortunately the hot springs are not used today, but the beautiful scenery with the pine and palm trees makes the place an earthy paradise.

History of Kalithea
The Kalithea Thermi springs opened for pubic again on 1 July 1929 at the luxurious ceremony. That was ordered by Italy 's king Victor Emmanuel and Mussolini. Until WWII the hot springs are used.

By the time of the liberation of Dodecanese the spa has been destroyed.

Kalithea is currently restored and very soon the hot springs will be open again for visitors.

Buses from Rhodes city stop opposite the turn-off to the spa.