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Eating on Rhodes


Restaurants which have changed history, atmospheric eating houses in renovated medieval buildings and captain's houses, fish taverns on the water's edge, village taverns in the verdant countryside and ethnic dining options are just some of the choices available to you.
The gastronomic landscape of Rhodes offers a range of flavours and tasteful environments in which to dine. The gastronomic scene of Rhodes offer an endless variety of delicious proposal for every taste and budget.

So on the island of Rhodes:
• you will find restaurants
• tasteful local dishes
• unique wines

TOP 5 Restaurants

Sokratous St 15 Old Town of Rhodes
Princew 25-35 Euros

One of the oldest fish restaurants on the island, and among the best in Greece. Whether you sit in the picturesque courtyard or on the small patio, you will enjoy creative, masterful cooking, Wide choice of seafood mezedes and shellfish. Do try the fresh octopus on the grill with its ink - it is too good to miss. The stramed petrosolines ( a kind of mollusk) are delectable, as are the tiny Symi shrimps. Quite well chosen wine lis. Open all yaer round (except December and January)

Alexis 4 Seasons
Aristotelous St 33 Old Town of Rhodes
Price 20-30 Euros

Atmospheric restaurant ( brother of the well known Alexis) in a handsome two storey stone building. Large shady garden on three levels, perfect for dinner meetings. Spacious warm winter dining room. Mediterranean cuisine emphasizing fish and sea food. Open year round.

Nea Selini
Evripidou St 4B Old Town of Rhodes
Price 10-15 Euros

The Old Town's well known bar was recently renovated and transformed into a caf?/ouzo taverna serving authentic traditional Greek dishes. Try the charcoal-grilled griskin with rosemary, veal with wild herbs, fresh seafood, and salads. You will drink wine from their remarkable variety, Rhodian suma, and Creta raki. Open from the morning onwards for coffee or ouzo. The kitchen serves from 7pm to 2 am.

Main Square
Price 20-25 Euros

On of the most famous restaurants on the island and one of the best in Greece (honored every year with a Golden Hat award by the Athinorama magazine). Michalis and Dimitris Mavrikios carry on the family tradition with skill and enthusiasm. Enjoy their famous lobster spaghetti and other dishes, mainly based on seafood, in the lovely courtyard. Superlative preserves, served with a glass of homemade liqueur: we particularly like the limoncello, the souma with saffron and pepper and the 15-herb liqueur.

At the end of the road where the national bank stands Lindos
Price 20-25 Euros

A faboulous old captain's house (built in 1605) transformed into a restaurant with a style all its own. Atmospheric dinning room with Lindian sofas and antiques, pebble-strewn courtyard and a spectacular view of the Acropolis from the two little terraces. Well-cooked Greek and international dishes, fresh fish, lobster and other kinds of seafood. Delicious sweets. The menus themselves are lovely, hand-embroidered with little details drawn from the decoration of the restaurant. Extensive wine list with Greek and European labels.

Local Dishes

Vegetable rissoles, with or without ground beef


Local sweet dish, prepared in ritual fashion and served at weddings and baptisms

Koulouria or matsi

Hand made pasta boiled in goat stock, browned in fresh butter and sprinkled with grated Parmesan. This is a legacy from the days of the Italian rule, still served at traditional weddings

Pilafi tou gamou (wedding rice)

A specialty of Lindos with rice, meat stock, chick peas and browned butter


Mizithra cheese in birne with peppercorn


Pancakes with honey, walnut, sesame and cinnamon - a speciality of Archagelos

The wines of Rhodes

Winery in Rhodes follows a tradition of 2,400 years! A story from those early days tells how the Cretans, jealous of Rhodes' fame for high quality wine, copied Rhodian amphorae in an attempt to pass off their own wine as Rhodian.
Today, Rhodes is synonymous with sparkling wines - the fruit of the Rhodian vineyard has accompanied generations of Greeks in their moment of joy. Covering approx. 1500 hectares. This vineyard is fairly extensive by the standards of the Aegean region. The three wines of superior qualitu that bear the Roditiko denomjination are delightful:
• White VDQS Roditiko made from white Athiri grape
• Red VDQS Roditiko made from Mandelaria ( in Rhodes also called Amorgiano)
• Sweet white AOC Roditiko, produced from a blend of two Muscat types, Muscat Blanc (Samos) & Moscato di Trani (Italian), that are fermented together

Along with the small wine producers, there are two major wineries on the island: CAIR and EMERY. Both of them offer wine tasting for groups:

The CAIR Winery

The Company Agricultural Industry of Rodos was started by the Italians in 1928, although the island has just celebrated 2,400 years of wine making. Now Greek owned and operated, the company produced a special white wine, Rodos 2400, to celebrate that milestone in history. Vineyards are specially selected for the quality of grapes used under each specific label and are constantly monitored. CAIR's wine is produced on two sites. The original site, in Rodos city, produces Chevalier, llios and Retsina while the remaining labels now come from the new plant near just outside the city, where the latest technology is employed. It is sold on Rhodes in 500ml crown top bottles and is exported in quantities of 750ml.


Founded in 1923, this worldwide supplier of distilled alcohol moved into wine production in the 1970's, when the Truantafyllou family built a winery in the mountain village Emponas, on Rhodes. Long term contracts with growers farming the island's finest hillside vineyards, on the slopes of nearby Mount Attavyros =, supply Emery with low-yield, dry farmed Athiri.