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Festivals of Rhodes

Aside from the Sound and Light show which is held every year from April until October in he castle's garden there are several local festival which occur and are worth visiting. In September there is a local festival which features tradition dances of the Dodecanese which are performed outdoors. Several festivals and events re held throughout the summer in the old city, the National Theatre and the ancient theatre. These festivals include theatrical performances, traditional demotic dances and songs as well as concerts.
Folklore Festivals
International Anti-
Nuclear Festival of Rhodes
Ochi Day
Art Park

Folklore Festivals

The festivals which are held in Afadou are the following: On the 15th of August in the honor of the Virgin, on October 18th in the honor of St. Luke and on April 23rd in honor of St. George. Carnival in Afadou with floats and happening. Cultiminates in the burning of the effigy of the Carnavalos on the last Sunday before Lent. All these festivals are accompanied by traditional songs and dances and local very tasty dishes. During the summer festivals wit traditional popular dances are held.
21 May Feast of Saints Konstantinos & Eleni at the Tharri Monastery in south Rhodes

In Kremasti village a major local festival is held on August 15th. It begins on the 14th of August and lasts until the 23rd of August.
Thousand of pilgrims arrive to celebrate the feast of the monastery of Prophet Ilias which is held every 20th of July in Salako village. The monastery nestles at the peak of the mountain, 15 km from the village. The pilgrims climb up the mountain to hono the memory of Prophet Ilias. Festivals are also held on August 15th and on April 23rd the feast of St. George.
The Naval festival which lasts a week and which includes various sea competitions. The festival in honor of the monastery of the Prophet Amon and St. Eleousa is held on July 14th, on August 15 a feast is held near the area of Faliraki in honor of the Virgin and on September 29th the festival in honor of St. John. In the nearby village of Kalithies a festival is held on the 14th of September in honor of the Sacred Cross and lasts for three days.

International Anti-Nuclear Festival of Rhodes

On May 2006, 8-14, the 1st International Anti-Nuclear Festival of Rhodes took place on Rhodes.Promoting the idea of a nuclear-free world, for seven days the citizens of Rhodes along with the thousands of its visitors, will celebrate and hail in favour of the abolition of nuclear plants and nuclear weapons our the globe.


At Madraki a wonderful parade with flowery floats is taking place on the last Sunday of May.


Every June the Municipality of Rhodes and the Image & Environment Society organize the Ecofilms, Rodos International Films and Visual Arts Festival. It is festival becoming over the past few years more and more popular. Moreover it is the only environmental film festival in the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Documentaries, shorts and features with environmental and ecology themes are the main participants of Ecofilms. Goal of Ecofilms is to encourage the conversation of issues related with the natural and the human built environment.

28th of October -Ochi Day

It is National Holiday and celebrations take place all over Greece, as well as on the beautiful island of Rhodes. On this day in 1940 the government of Greece defied Mussolini's ultimatum demanding capitulation. This day owes its name to this historic "no" (ochi in Greek) and is celebrated all over the country with school and military parades.

Art Part

It all started when an artist and musician, Damon, and his wife decided to create the first open air, non profit exhibition of Rhodes island. Under the shield of the local municipality, in Arhipolis near the forest a theme park that combines art, music and nature is welcoming visitors every year from April to October. Find there all kind of exhibits from artists all over the globe. Ecological at the same time, Art Park's electricity all comes from the sun of Rhodes, through phototovoltaic supplies. If you find yourself in Afadou or Kolybia beach, then note that you are just 10 min away from the Art Par. It definitely worths paying a visit.